A broadcast personality that the previous Trump administration praised revealed he hated the former Republican president.

Alex Jones may have let Donald Trump applaud his “amazing reputation” and share his InfoWars Radio content on social media since the 2016 election campaign but he was keeping a secret. Jones completely despised the 45th U.S. president according to a recently leaked recording from 2019.

“I am [just] so sick of [expletive] Donald Trump, man, God, I am [expletive] sick of him,” Jones said in the previously unseen video shared on YouTube. “I am not doing this because, it is like, I am kissing his [expletive] ass, you know. It is, like, I am sick of it.”

The host made the remarks while angrily pacing around and finally walking out the recording booth.

He openly admitted he was excessively concerned with just himself and did not actually care about President Trump or his campaign team.

“Part of me, the selfish part, wishes I had never met Donald Trump [and] wishes that I had never met Roger Stone,” he said.

He also resented being instrumental in helping President Trump defeat previous Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Because, unlike previous things I had done that were game-changing, those were just time-space continuum reflections of the third big change I was going to be involved with and that was bringing Donald John Trump into office,” he said. “Just let me say that again: that is an awesome [statement]–into office.”

Jones was also unhappy about Democratic Party supporters targeting him and his radio show because they thought he was friendly toward President Trump.

“I wish it would have never happened, and it is not the attacks I have been through,” he said. “It is the truth, and I am just going to say it: that I wish I never would have [expletive] met Trump.”

Political analyst Jeffrey Lord has a very different view of the former president, and believes President Trump did the nation a great service by exposing media personalities that spread the left-wing ideology.

“All of their standards are just gone with the wind,” the former Reagan administration associate political director told the “Ingraham Angle.” “They’re open partisans, and this, in a way, may be one of President Trump’s biggest services to America is to out them.”

Lord described the current “national liberal” mainstream media landscape as a “serious rot” that brought back memories of the 1960s when reporters cheered for the Democratic Party’s nominee for president.

“Reporters cheering for John F. Kennedy in the 1960 election and saying they all felt they were soldiers on the way to the new frontier with JFK,” he said. “The only difference now is it’s out there, everybody sees it: the president has helped ‘out’ them.”

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