Russian President Vladimir Putin widely supported President Donald Trump by saying that the charges against him “are completely fabricated.”

“The Democratic Party, which lost the election, is now trying to revise this story through the means at its disposal,” Putin said during a conference in Moscow on Dec. 19, AP reported.

 Putin also traced the path followed by the Democrats against Trump by starting with the false collusion with his country, which he followed with another case in Ukraine, also false.

“The Democratic Party could not form the basis for the impeachment, and now it has put this made-up pressure on Ukraine,” Putin added. The strength of the Republican Party surrounding Trump is a guarantee of his continuity in office.

“It is unlikely that they would want to remove a member of their party based on reasons that are, in my opinion, completely fabricated,” Putin added.

The controversial impeachment proceedings initiated by the Democrats seeking to challenge the mandate of U.S. President Donald Trump, is for some a coup attempt.

This is the view of Judicial Watch Chairman Tom Fitton in particular, for whom Trump did the right thing in trying to investigate corruption in Ukraine and the ties of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter to it, a case in which the Democrats support his trial.

Throughout the impeachment inquiry that has also been deemed irregular, the Democrats have failed to produce evidence of any wrongdoing by President Trump.

At this point, it is expected that the trial will move to the Senate, where it will most likely end in President Trump’s acquittal.

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