Great international expectation created the answer that the President, Joe Biden, could give to his Russian President Vladimir Putin, on whether or not he accepts the challenge that the latter proposed to him to debate the reasons why he called him “killer”.

The tension between the two nations stemmed from a report by the office of Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines on alleged Russian interference in last year’s disputed presidential election process, according to Fox News on March 18.

Biden threatened that Putin would “pay a price” for his government’s surreptitious activities, and that a U.S. response would be “forthcoming.” 

He also claimed that Putin was a murderer, responding to a question posed to him by the host in the interview published by ABC News.

Putin remained calm in the face of Biden’s statements, lacking the usual diplomacy between nations. 

“I want to propose to President Biden to continue our discussion, but on the condition that we do it basically live, as it’s called,” Putin challenged his adversary, according to ABC News. 

He added, “Without any delays and directly in an open, direct discussion. It seems to me that would be interesting for the people of Russia and for the people of the United States.”

Moreover, Putin added urgency to the possible discussion with Biden, proposing as a date Friday, March 19, the following Monday, given that he had scheduled a trip for the Taiga, in northern Russia.

However, other members of Putin’s Cabinet could not contain more emphatic expressions. 

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Thursday, “I’ll say only that these remarks by the U.S. president are very bad. He definitely doesn’t want to normalize relations with our country. And we’ll be acting based precisely on this premise.” 

Additionally, Russia’s ambassador to the United States, will travel to Moscow on March 20 to discuss the facts with the central government, and determine what their next action will be in the face of the tense diplomatic situation. 

The possible implications of the challenge posed by Putin were quick, among them from Italian journalist Cesare Sacchetti, through one of his tweets.

“Putin offered Biden an on-line debate. Most certainly, Biden will decline his offer. Can you see what’s going on?” wrote Sacchetti, in his message not devoid of mystery.

Resolving with, “Once Biden rejects this offer, Putin would prove to the whole world that Biden is a puppet. In other words, Putin is helping Trump to officially come back in office.”

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