President Donald Trump has praised his administration’s 2020 achievements, including their handling of the CCP Virus (COVID-19) pandemic and rebuilding the U.S. economy.

He said the best is yet to come “as long as we remain loyal to our nation, devoted to our citizens and faithful to Almighty God.”

In his New Year eve’s message, President Trump said that though the United States faced significant challenges in 2020, the American people showed their incredible strength, tenacity, and resolve, “and together we achieved truly historic victories like nobody ever thought possible.”

To defeat the CCP Virus, the administration has launched the largest mobilization since World War II, transforming factories to build tens of thousands of ventilators and millions of masks, shutting down travel from China and Europe, pioneering groundbreaking new therapies and treatments. As a result, millions of American lives have been saved.

“Thanks to Operation Warp Speed, the administration has developed the CCP Virus vaccines in just nine months, a record time that, “all of the experts said absolutely unthinkable.”

President Trump said that millions of doses of the vaccines are quickly being shipped all across the United States and sent to all over the world.

The president also touted the economic achievements, which made the United States the greatest economy in the world’s history before the virus pandemic.

“Now we are doing it again. We’ve actually built,” the president said.

With trillions of dollars in the relief aid package, President Trump said that “we saved or supported more than 51 million American jobs.” At the same time, the stock market hit the highest level in history.

The country has slashed the unemployment rate from 14.7% down to 6.7% now, and the rate is “heading a lot lower.”

“Our economy is growing at the most rapid rate ever recorded 33.4% last quarter, and much faster than the nations of Europe,” he said. “Nobody can compete with us in terms of going down less and going up by far the fastest and the best.”

“Whenever America is challenged, we always rise to the occasion,” he continued.

President Trump also hailed the administration’s foreign affairs dealings in 2020.

“After years of endless foreign wars, we are signing historic peace deals in the Middle East. It’s all ending in the Middle East,” he said.

But “the best is yet to come,” President Trump said, adding that, “as long as we remain loyal to our nation, devoted to our citizens and faithful to Almighty God,” because “God bless America.”

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