President Donald Trump on Wednesday, Oct. 23, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he spoke with energy workers at the Shale Insight Conference.

The last time President Trump spoke at this conference was during his 2016 election campaign.

In his speech, the president said, “I promised that, as president, I’d unleash American energy like never before, because our natural resources do not belong to government, they belong to the people of this country.  American energy belongs to hardworking men and women like you who get up every day and make this country run. Today, I’m proud to declare that I’ve delivered on every single promise I made to this conference three years ago, and much, much more.”

The president also stressed that instead of relying on foreign oil and energy, the United States now relies on American energy and workers like never before.

According to official data, oil and natural gas had record production last year and the same is projected for this year, while in 2018 coal exports reached their highest levels in five years.

To achieve this, the Trump administration put an end to several policies implemented under President Obama, such as the Clean Power Plan and the Stream Protection Rule. He also withdrew the United States from the Paris Accord, while also opening federally owned land and areas for exploration and production.

The former administration of former President Obama had imposed major regulations aimed at energy producers that stifled the growth of the sector.

President Trump emphasized that he wants a world-class infrastructure that puts more Americans back to work, no matter how much the extreme left tries to block it.

If the Democrat-driven New Green Deal is implemented, it would be the most radical change in the U.S. economy, since the ultimate goal of this project would be to eradicate all production of oil, coal, and natural gas in the United States, losing millions of jobs, according to a White House statement.

President Trump made it clear in his speech that he will never allow that to happen.

“I will never stop fighting for you because I know that you are the ones who are rebuilding our nation. You are the ones who are restoring our strength. You are the ones renewing our spirit. And you are the ones who are making America greater than it has ever been before,” he concluded.

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