The latest Rasmussen poll confirms that the approval for President Donald Trump remains at one of the highest levels, 52 percent, as indicated by the Zogby Analytics poll on Aug. 26.

With only 58 days to go before the presidential election, Trump continues to climb in the approval rating of citizens, the rate of 52 percent had already been reached in February, before the CCP ( Chinese Communist Party) Virus caused disasters in the nation, and before the riots and smear campaigns against him.

The trend is clearly upward, and after balancing the percentages of those who strongly approve of Trump’s administration against the percentage of those who strongly disapprove, the presidential approval index is 0.

Rasmussen, a nationally recognized pollster, released the results of the Trump poll on Nov. 4.

Trump peaked in September 2019, reaching a record of 53 percent, surpassing Barack Obama’s highest of 50 percent in January 2011, according to Fox News.

Both Obama and George W. Bush had a 51 percent approval rating the day they became presidents.

At the regional level, Trump tied Biden, technically, in Minnesota, thus closing the gap that separated them by reaching 46.5 percent against 46.9 percent for Biden, according to the Washington Times of Sept. 1.

“The poll shows a dead heat between President Trump and Joe Biden in Minnesota of all places. In many of the state’s congressional districts, Trump has a strong lead or is tied with Biden. Given the explosive events of the last few months this is tremendous news,” a Washington Times source said.

These results obtained by Trump among voters take analysts by surprise because Minnesota was a state where the Democrats had won since 1976.

No less surprising is that most independents prefer Trump over Biden, with a two-figure difference: 53 percent for Trump and 42 percent for Biden.

Another aspect that favors Trump over Biden is the widespread enthusiasm that his re-election generates among voters: 59 percent to 38 percent, the difference in their favor is 21 percent.

In the opposite direction, the greatest sense of reticence among voters is against Biden with 60 percent, while for Trump it is only 26 percent.

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