A democratic senator said he supports the way President Trump is confronting China over its trade misbehavior.

The Washington Free Beacon reported, in CNBC‘s “Power Lunch” on Tuesday, Oct. 22, Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) was asked, “Do you criticize the president for taking on China on some of the trade issues that he has enumerated, for example, failure to accept a large amounts of American agricultural product, technology transfer, IP theft, and so forth?”

“No, I think the mission is right,” Warner replied. “I don’t find a lot of places where I agree with Donald Trump.”

The senator pointed out that China is using “the same tactics against Japanese companies, against European companies.” He said, “I think the missed opportunity would be to have rallied the world and go to China and say, ‘You’re a great nation and you’re one of the leading economic powers in the 21st century, but you got to play by the same set of rules.'”

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va) joins CNBC’s “Power Lunch” (Screenshot/CNBC)

Warner said that President Trump was right for recognizing the threat of Huawei, a Chinese telecommunication giant, which is accused of supporting the regime to spy on Western nations.

“Trump has rightfully pointed out on Huawei, the national security threat that that poses in the new 5G networks,” Warner said. “And this is a threat not only to America but it’s a threat to all Western based nations.”

The Trump administration in May added Huawei and its affiliates to the U.S. Entity List, which blocks the Chinese company from buying components from American firms. According to Financial Times, Huawei admitted that the sanction is hurting as the company finds it hard to replace Google’s applications on its smartphones.

In the CNBC interview, Warner criticized American and Western companies for sacrificing “their values, their principles” for years to please the Chinese authorities, in order to get access to the market. 

He also pointed out that the companies have “turned a blind eye” to the treatment of the Chinese communist regime toward over a million Uighur Muslims who were put in re-education camps and “the rightful democratic expression” of Hong Kong protesters.

Warner suggested that American and Western companies, which respect rule of law “need to come together and say they’re not going to abide by Chinese correctness or they’re not going to abide by China, frankly, misplaying all the rules.”

Warner is one of the co-sponsor of “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019,” which directs various American departments to review the special status of Hong Kong while the Chinese Communist Party is trying to control the city.