As House Democrats voted to remove President Donald Trump on Wednesday, Dec. 18, he held a massive rally in Battle Creek, Michigan, with his supporters.

Thousands of people ignored the cold and came to the Merry Christmas rally to hear the president, who—far from looking worried—seemed very happy and victorious, saying the Democrats would regret the day.

“By the way, it doesn’t really feel like we’re being impeached,” President Trump opened his nearly two-hour speech. “The country is doing better than ever before. We’ve done nothing wrong,” he said.

“The do-nothing Democrats, and they are do nothing, are declaring their deep hatred and disdain for [the] American voter” with the impeachment process, President Trump said.

He also called the impeachment “political suicide,” according to Fox News.

“Have you seen my poll numbers in the last four weeks?” the president added, apparently referring to the fact that—according to the latest polls—he would be victorious over all his potential Democratic opponents. Also, a survey by Emerson last month showed that impeachment is losing more and more support from many voters, while approval for the president is on the rise.

At one point in the speech, a member of his staff interrupted the speech to inform the president of the outcome of the impeachment vote in the Democratic-majority House.

He told him the result was 229 in favor and 198 against the article to impeach President Trump for obstruction of Congress, and a 230-197 vote to impeach him for abuse of power.

President Trump noted that not one Republican voted for impeachment, but three Democrats voted against it. “The Republicans have never been so affronted but they’ve never been so united as they are right now,” the president said.

” I’m the first person to ever get impeached and there’s no crime!” he added.

“Democrats do not believe you have the right to select your own president,” he told the crowd.

Although the impeachment process began in August, Democrats have been unable to present evidence or witnesses to prove that President Trump threatened or pressured Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, to investigate the son of his eventual rival in the 2020 election, Joe Biden.

That is why both President Trump and Republican congressmen have denounced that this is actually a political maneuver to remove the president, who has a high chance of being re-elected in next year’s elections.

Some images from the rally in Michigan:

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