President Donald Trump on Friday said that there’s one reason for Democrats to ask special counsel Robert Mueller to make a speech again and again.

“They want to go again and again and again because they want to hurt the president for the election,” President Trump asserted.

Before Marine One departure, a reporter raised the question to the president: “What you would like Robert Mueller to tell Congress next week?”

President Trump responded:

We’ve gone through 500 witnesses, 2,500 subpoenas.  I’ve let them interview my lawyers. I’ve let them inter-—because I had nothing to do with Russia. Now that’s come out. There was no collusion.

I’ve done more in two and a half years than any other President—nobody’s even close—including, we just said, Veterans Choice and all of the other things I’ve gotten.

But for two and a half years—so now they have Mueller go make a speech. That goes. Now they wanted to have him again. They want to go it again and again and again because they want to hurt the president for the election. Because I see what I’m running against. You got Sleepy Joe Biden. He doesn’t have the energy to be President. And the people that nipping on his heels—they don’t have what it takes.

And I can tell you that China and Russia—and I’ve been rougher on Russia than any president in the last 50 years. China and Russia and try North Korea—where I have a relationship. You don’t have a man testing nuclear anymore.

The president concluded, “There’s nothing he can say.  He’s written a report. The report said, “No collusion.” And it said, effectively, “No obstruction,” because there’s no obstruction. And the other thing, it’s very interesting.”

Congressional Democrats voted to subpoena 12 more people mentioned in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, including Jared Kushner and Jeff Sessions.

President Trump added, “You can only get so many bites at the apple. We got to get on to running a country. You got immigration, infrastructure, drug prices. The Democrats aren’t working.”

Robert Mueller has said he won’t answer questions beyond what is in the report on Russia’s election meddling when he comes to Congress on July 17.

When the reporter continued that Mueller “couldn’t clear on obstruction”, Trump replied, “The whole thing is about collusion. So they find out it’s no collusion. So there’s no collusion and there’s no obstruction.” 

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