At a news conference on Aug. 7 in Bedminster, New Jersey, President Donald Trump corrected a reporter who criticized the president’s supporters who spontaneously attended the event for failing to maintain the social distance required by CDC guidelines, Breitbart reported.

Washington Post reporter Toluse Olorunnipa questioned, “ You said that the pandemic is disappearing, but we lost 6,000 Americans this week. And just in this room, you have dozens of people are not following the guidelines in New Jersey, which say you should not have more than 25 people —”

The president interrupted him, “ No, they don’t have to. This is a political activity.” He added, “It’s a peaceful protest. They asked if they could be here. You know, they—a number of—and, to me, they look like they all have—pretty much all have masks on. But, you know, you have an exclusion in the law. It says ‘peaceful protest’ or ‘political activity,’ right? In fact, specifically—yeah. It says—exactly—’political activity’ or ‘peaceful protests.'”

“And you can call it ‘political activity,’ but I’d—I’d call it ‘peaceful protests’ because they heard you were coming up. And they know the news is fake. They understand it better than anybody,” the president continued.

During the short exchange, the president’s supporters booed the journalist and applauded with laughter when the president said it was a peaceful protest.

The public’s reaction echo’s the fact that mainstream leftist media has reported the riots that are destroying many cities in the United States as “peaceful protests” and have not questioned the potential spread of the CCP Virus there, but they do when the president holds a political event.

From the beginning of his campaign until today, President Trump has confronted mainstream media for its coverage of news related to his administration, which he calls “fake news,” and accuses these large corporations of being the “enemy of the people.”

Notably, the president recently announced the creation of 1.8 million jobs from April to date, but the mainstream media chose to report it negatively.

CNN ran the headline, “U.S. jobs recovery takes a massive hit and is still down nearly 13 million jobs.” While The New York Times reported, “Despite virus surge, U.S. added jobs in July, but at slower pace,” according to a Fox News article.

When the Democratic Party began the disinformation campaign about President Trump and launched the failed impeachment, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and MSNBC, devoted much of their time to strengthening the theory of the Russia collusion, which they still maintain to this day despite the president’s acquittal.  

The president said goodbye, “If the press in this country were honest, if it wasn’t corrupt, if it wasn’t fake, our country would be so much further ahead. But we’re doing really great.”