With less than four months to go before the next election, new polls show favorable results for incumbent President Trump. 

President Trump is in the race and according to the results of the latest Rasmussen Reports poll, he is only 3 percentage points behind his opponent and presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden. 

A week ago, Biden had a 10 point lead over current President Trump (50% to 40%). But in just 7 days, the same pollster obtained different results, revealing that the Democratic candidate would have 47% support while President Trump would have 44%. Five percent of voters prefer some other candidate and 4 percent are still undecided. 

The statistics show some curious facts that candidates will surely take into account when redesigning their political action strategies. Among black voters, President Trump has 31% support compared to 21% last week. This means that in just 7 days he managed to increase the voting intention of citizens of color by 10%. It is worth remembering that in the 2016 elections, only 8% of black people voted for President Trump. 

When analyzing this latest data showing the new trend of black voters toward President Trump, it is impossible not to take into account the recent violence that shook the country. For three months now, violent riots and social unrest have been rampant in much of the urban centers of the United States.

The response by many Democratic politicians to this situation was to withdraw funds from the security forces and remove the police presence. This resulted in an exponential increase in the rates of insecurity, violence, and crime. The most affected neighborhoods are always the most vulnerable, where in turn the majority of black citizens are concentrated. 

President Trump was instrumental in addressing this situation, “Joe Biden and the Radical Left want to Abolish Police, Abolish ICE. No one will be SAFE in Joe Biden’s America!”

Another point in President Trump’s favor regarding his black voter support is that during his term he brought the unemployment rates of the black and Latino population in the United States to historic lows. Even media outlets like CNBC have published it. 

In short, the polls are very evenly matched between the two leading candidates. But surely the Trump administration received with optimism the latest results that show an increase in the intention to vote for the Republicans. With less than four months to go, it seems like a short time, but in politics a lot can still happen. 

Let’s remember that in the 2016 presidential election, all the polls showed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as the winner, but the election result put President Donald Trump in the lead.

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