President Trump said in a tweet that a transcript of his July phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will be published on Wednesday. In the call, they reportedly discussed an investigation involving Joe Biden.

“I am currently at the United Nations representing our Country, but have authorized the release tomorrow of the complete, fully declassified and unredacted transcript of my phone conversation with President Zelensky of Ukraine,” Trump wrote. “You will see it was a very friendly and totally appropriate call. No pressure and, unlike Joe Biden and his son, NO quid pro quo! This is nothing more than a continuation of the Greatest and most Destructive Witch Hunt of all time!”

Trump added: “The Democrats are so focused on hurting the Republican Party and the President that they are unable to get anything done because of it, including legislation on gun safety, lowering of prescription drug prices, infrastructure, etc. So bad for our Country!”

Meanwhile, Democrats are pushing to begin a formal impeachment inquiry, based on a whistleblower’s allegation that the president pressed the new Ukrainian leader during the phone call to investigate the former vice president and his son Hunter.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), said Tuesday afternoon that testimony from the whistleblower might be imminent.

“We have been informed by the whistleblower’s counsel that their client would like to speak to our committee and has requested guidance from the Acting DNI [Director of National Intelligence] as to how to do so,” Schiff said in a a tweet. “We‘re in touch with counsel and look forward to the whistleblower’s testimony as soon as this week.”

Joe Biden acknowledged that, when he was vice president, he successfully pressured Ukraine to fire its chief prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, while Shokin investigated the Burisma Holdings natural gas company—where Hunter Biden was on the board.

Rudy Giuliani, the personal attorney for President Trump, on Monday,  accused the Bidens of making big money from Ukraine and China.

Giuliani titled his first tweet, “NEW FACT,” and said Hunter Biden received a one-time payment of $3 million from Ukraine that went through Latvia and then to Cyprus, before entering the United States.

President Trump on Monday cited the new details from Fox News and stressed “It is all a Democrat/Adam Schiff Scam! Doing this for 3 years now, and found NOTHING!”

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