In a phone conversation on Sunday, Dec. 29, President Donald Trump provided information to Russian President Vladimir Putin that helped foil planned terrorist attacks on Russian soil.

The target, according to intelligence information obtained by President Trump, was St. Petersburg. Although the information is scant, the attack was to target a mass gathering of people over the New Year.

Tass news agency is reporting two Russian nationals have been arrested concerning the planned attack, according to a representative from the FSB, the Russian intelligence agency.
President Trump had warned the Russian president in 2017 over another planned terrorist attack on St. Petersburg, reports the BBC.

A grateful President Putin promised at the time to alert President Trump if any information came to hand regarding planned terrorist attacks on the U.S.

According to the BBC, phone records show the presidents have spoken several times on the phone in the past, often discussing topics such as Syria, nuclear agreements, North Korea, and trade, reports the BBC. Both leaders have a strong commitment to wiping out terrorism.

The two leaders have an amicable relationship, despite the tension between the two countries after the annexation by Russia of the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine in 2014.

President Putin invited President Trump in June to attend the Victory Day celebrations in Moscow next May, and President Trump recently indicated he would like to go but may be unable to attend.
“It’s a very big deal, celebrating the end of the war,” Trump told reporters at the White House. “I appreciate the invitation. It’s right in the middle of the political season.” reports The Hill.

President Putin held his annual news conference on Thursday, Dec. 19, and said the impeachment of President Trump is outlandish. “The party that lost the election is continuing the fight by other means,” Putin said, noting the impeachment “is yet to pass to the Senate where the Republicans have a majority.”

President Putin added, “The Senate is unlikely to remove Donald Trump from office for what seems to me an absolutely far-fetched reason.”

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