President Donald Trump tweeted on Monday, Dec. 16, that re-election in 2020 will be a greater victory than Brexit’s, citing words from the former director of strategy of the former British prime minister.

The president quoted Steve Hilton, former political adviser to former British Prime Minister David Cameron, and current host of a weekly TV show on FoxNews called “The Truth About Impeachment.”

During the December 16 program, Hilton said: “Here in America it will be the same victory as BREXIT, but even more so,” referring to the resounding victory last week by conservative Boris Johnson, whose main campaign promise was to get the UK out of the European Union.

The expert noted that while Democrats are trying to justify the president’s removal from office in an increasingly questioned and discredited inquiry even within their own ranks, the president is achieving historic milestones in all areas of government.

“In the U.S., while all of this has been going on, the Impeachment, the obstruction, the resistance, President Trump has managed to deliver not just promises, but a record which adds up to one of the most successful presidencies in history,” he said.

“Just in the last few days, incredible jobs numbers, giant trade deals, help for working families, and much more,” Hilton added.

“Over the last 3 years, unemployment falling, earnings rising, criminal justice reform, the heartland revived, energy independence, manufacturing resilience, illegal immigration coming down, the Wall going up, China confronted, the caliphate defeated, NAFTA renegotiated, our military rebuilt, NATO paying more, regulations costing less… and much more,” said Hilton enumerating the historic milestones of Donald Trump’s presidency.

And because of all these achievements, the expert assures that the Democrats are trying to impeach him, “This is why they’re impeaching him. They hate the fact, above all, that this president is delivering. Substantial policy results for the working Americans who put him in the White House, and they can’t beat him in a fair fight next year.” 

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