President Donald Trump declared “people from California, & all over the land, are demanding that Sanctuary Cities be GONE,” in a tweet early Sunday morning of June 16.

The president said that “more and more states want to do this but their governors and leaders don’t have the courage to do so.”

He added, “No illegals, Drugs, or Trafficking,” alluding that sanctuary cities encourage those afflictions.

President Trump was referring to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis who just signed a bill banning sanctuary cities in his state, and “forcing all law enforcement agencies to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.” The bill would prohibit local government from enacting sanctuary policies that protect undocumented immigrants, he added.

The new mandate means all law enforcement agencies in Florida have to cooperate with federal immigration agencies, and sanctuary policies cannot be used to protect undocumented immigrants from being deported.

Local peace officers will be able to detain someone if there is reasonable cause to believe they are deportable from the country. 

“Sanctuary cities basically create law-free zones where people can come to our state illegally and our country illegally, commit criminal offenses and then just walk right out the door and continue to do it,” DeSantis said to reporters on June 14, the day he signed the bill. “In Florida, that will not happen.”

On Twitter, he shared pictures and said in the tweet he was proud to sign the bill, in keeping with his promise to ban sanctuary cities in Florida.

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