A recent study revealed many voters are unhappy with divisions and the overall state of the nation.

The latest NBC News poll found 72% of respondents believe America is headed in the wrong direction, representing a 1% increase since the last survey in October 2021. This is the sixth time at least 70% shared this sentiment since the poll began in 1989.

NBC commissioned Hart Research Associates and Public Opinion Strategies to telephone interview 1000 adults.

Seventy percent of respondents blamed divisions for preventing the United States from effectively performing major government business. They also believe the general population will become more polarized.

However, 27% of those surveyed agree the nation as a whole still finds ways to bridge partisan gaps and address America’s biggest challenges.

When asked about the state of the economy, 61% claimed their family income shrank compared to the cost of living. Only 30% declared their household earnings are the same, and 7% reported a jump in wages.

“Downhill, divided, doubting democracy, falling behind, and tuning out–this is how Americans are feeling as they are heading into 2022,” Hart Research Associates senior vice president Jeff Horwitt said according to NBC News.

Public Opinion Strategies suggested such widespread voter dissatisfaction might shift the balance of power in U.S. Congress towards the Republican Party.

“There is nothing but flashing red lights and warning signs for Democrats,” co-founding partner Bill McInturff said according to the broadcaster.

“In the three instances when this sustained dark outlook coincided with an election year, it foreshadowed bad news for the party in power–1992, 2008, and 2016,” Horwitt added.

The poll reported an error margin of plus or minus 3.10% for adults and plus or minus 3.49% among registered voters.

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