Relatives of the elderly who died in nursing homes from the CCP Virus due to New York Gov. Cuomo’s order to send infected patients to recover in the facilities expressed concern over how recent allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior by Cuomo are overshadowing the nursing home tragedy that left some 15,000 dead.

Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo became embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal when three women came out to denounce him for making inappropriate sexual advances toward them. Surprisingly, both Democrats and Republicans called for his resignation over the allegations, which are reportedly under investigation.

The importance of lives lost

But relatives of the elderly who died in nursing homes due mainly to Cuomo’s order to send patients infected with the Chinese virus to recover in those facilities are questioning why the tragedy that caused 15,000 deaths is being put on the back burner.

Grace Colucci, whose 89-year-old father John Daly died last spring after contracting the CCP Virus in a New York nursing home, said in an interview withFox News, “It seems like the focus and the outcry of the Democrats in New York state have brought on so much reaction of outrage on the sexual harassment, and they have totally ignored what he has done involving the nursing home scandal, his cover-up, his disregard for their attempts to have hearings.” 

Cuomo’s order to send infected seniors to nursing homes wasn’t all. When it came time to report the number of deaths, he underreported by about 10,000, fearing that justice would be served against him.

While some Assembly members have called for an investigation and impeachment over the nursing home tragedy, the news of the sex scandal drew much more press and criticism even from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and other high-profile Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). Even fake news networks like MSNBC repudiated Cuomo to a certain degree.

Families speak out

Colucci said she wants Cuomo to face obstruction of justice charges, as a simple resignation would not be fair.

“As far as a resignation, I feel that that would be an escape for the governor,” she told Fox News. “I think that he would go off and spend the rest of his life maybe getting a job on CNN. He can do a spot with his brother.”

Theresa Sari, whose mother Maria Sachse, 60, died after contracting the CCP Virus while living in a nursing home in Island Park, New York, said she found it “a bit overwhelming” to see Cuomo so open to talking to the press about sexual harassment allegations and even apologized but had an arrogant response to the nursing home tragedy.

“That’s a bit overwhelming because I don’t think that was expected to come out around the same time,” Sari said. “People are more outraged regarding the sexual claims rather than the thousands of people who passed away in nursing homes. It’s unfortunate.”

Vivian Zayas, whose mother Ana Martinez, 78, died while recovering from nursing home surgery, stated, “We feel overshadowed to a degree,” she said. “Yes, sexual harassment claims are very important, but when we compare that to 15,000 lives lost, not able to be returned to their families, that should not be overlooked.”

It is unusual to see fake news and Democrat leaders criticize their peers, therefore the whole situation is very suspicious and smells more like a political ploy to cover up the real tragedy that should have cost Cuomo not only his job, but his reputation entirely.

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