Pollster Rasmussen, who was one of the most accurate in the presidential election in November 2020, recently reported that President Trump’s approval rating after the Capitol clashes on Wednesday, Jan. 6, far from down, has increased considerably.

After the conflicts in Washington when a large group of leftist infiltrators forced their way into the Capitol, the media apparatus at the disposal of the Democrats planned a huge smear campaign against President Trump, trying to impose the idea that he was the culprit and responsible for the breakdown.

The Big Tech also played its role by imposing a false narrative, mainly by acting through censorship, to the point of permanently blocking President Trump’s official accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Youtube. It took away President Trump’s main tools to communicate with his followers and inform them of his defense. 

According to Rasmussen’s report, during Christmas, the president’s approval was at 45% and continued to rise steadily until it was at 47% just one day before the conflicts. 

Then came the incidents, and after the media attack on the president, his approval was expected to drop, however a source close to Rasmussen told Newsmax that the ongoing poll saw Trump’s approval soar to 51% on Thursday night and remain above that value.

“Americans are upset that cities were burning for months and Washington and the media did nothing,” the Newsmax source said, referring to the media’s complicity in the riots throughout the year, and are now hypocritically seeking to accuse President Trump himself and his supporters of violence, who have always condemned and warned of the growing violence of leftist groups. 

Society as a whole is evidently noticing that the information received through the main media is biased and seeks to deceive people in order to impose positions in accordance with their interests with respect to everything that affects us.