One of the letter carriers of the postal service for the state of Pennsylvania (USPS) decided to testify under oath before Congress about the falsification of the date on ballots arriving after the Nov. 3 close.

Richard Hopkins is the official who considered what he observed to be “very bad” and despite being very nervous about losing his job he is determined to denounce, reported James O’Keefe, founder and president of the Veritas Project, according to its website on Nov. 6.  

O’Keefe announced the case by saying, “USPS whistleblower Richard Hopkins has CONFIRMED that there are federal investigators in Pennsylvania and an investigation has been opened into his allegations, which involve the Postmaster of Erie, PA,” in a tweet.

According to Hopkins, while he was in a meeting with his co-workers, one of the heads of the postal service approached a supervisor and told him he had made a big mistake. 

The mistake consisted of putting the wrong date on one of the ballots received, instead of stamping it with the date of Nov. 4 as he did, he should have dated it with Nov. 3, that is, falsifying the date so that it would be counted as one of the valid votes. 

According to the rules approved in Pennsylvania, only mail-in ballots that arrived by 8:00 p.m. would be valid on Nov. 3.

According to the scheme observed by Hopkins all ballots that arrived after that time were set aside for an earlier date, thus setting up election fraud. 

The Democrats had been very insistent throughout the electoral process that their supporters send in the ballots by mail, a procedure that proved to be very susceptible to adulteration.

The case of date tampering that Hopkins exposed is not isolated. 

On Nov. 4, an undercover Project Veritas journalist contacted another Michigan state postal service official, who told him about the same date forgery, according to media outlet Planet Free Will.   

This witness told the journalist that in his office the directors indicated “to separate [the late ballots] from the standard postal mail in order to stamp them by hand with yesterday’s date [Nov. 3] and pass them.”

Evidence and indications of the monumental fraud that violated the will of the Americans regarding who would be their president were provided from several places.

In an unusual move that seems to configure a conspiracy, social networks are joining this apparently corrupt situation, and blocking the free expression of citizens who want to share the evidence of fraud that they discover.  

On Nov. 6, Facebook blocked the hashtags #StopTheSteal and #Sharpiegate, through which thousands of users shared many fraud allegations, reported Fox News.  

The lack of information on these worrisome cases by the legacy media, inclined toward the Democrats, is flagrant. 

The election fraud is openly denounced by the Trump administration and hundreds of witnesses, and it is hoped that the investigations will succeed in ensuring the fair appointment of the president to the next four-year term.

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