House Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving testified before the Senate that discussions held with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) influenced decision-making that led to the Capitol security breaches on Jan. 6. 

Irving contended that Pelosi’s office insisted on keeping the National Guard off the Capitol grounds, since this would prove unpopular from the “optics” of Democrats according to sources in the Feb. 27 Daily Caller. 

Irving’s Feb. 23 testimony before the Senate Joint Committee on Homeland Security and Rules, which is investigating the Jan. 6 riots, did not add clarity to the confusing facts.

Nevertheless, at the hearing Irving insisted that the Capitol Police were aware of the warning information provided by the FBI, but that the Department of Homeland Security “did not endorse” the likelihood of a coordinated assault on Capitol Hill.

Confusing information

“The department was not unaware of intelligence information that indicated an attack of the size and scale we encountered on the 6th. There was no such intelligence,” Irving said, according to The Daily Beast. 

The sergeant-at-arms is selected by and receives his direction from the speaker of the House; he is one of three voting officers on the Capitol Police Board, the entity that oversees the policing of those facilities. Irving had held the position since 2012. 

Irving testified that he first received a formal request from Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund to activate the National Guard, after 2 p.m. on Jan. 6, and that he did not have to run the request “through the chain of command.”

But Pelosi approved the request at 1:43 P.M., which confuses the sequence presented by Irving, plus Sund, said he sent a request for National Guard assistance to Irving at about 1:09 p.m.

Faced with this string of contradictions, one of the Daily Caller’s sources stated, “Irving is covering for Pelosi. There’s no question.”

Many indications point to the fact that the riots were planned and, moreover, a sequence of tweets suggests that the acting secretary of the Department of Defense (DOD), Christopher Miller, was involved in the Capitol security failures.

User @TheRynheart, attached a compromising letter in which Miller disables security protocols on Capitol Hill on Jan. 4. 

“I’m reading the letter Acting Sec Defense Miller Jan 4 that essentially broke the normal response chain to deploy the Nat. Guard. It is also astonishingly specific, including no use of Intel assets,” wrote @TheRynheart.

In the same thread @TheRynheart wrote that then President Trump requested 10,000 National Guardsmen in anticipation of events, in the end Miller only submitted 1,100.

“Miller reports that Trump told him he would need 10,000 National Guard troops on Jan. 6. (So Trump knew the riots would be deadly). And Miller responds, ‘Maybe. But you know, somebody’s going to have to ask for it.’ Which sounds like a direct reference to Miller’s Jan. 4 memo,” added @TheRynheart.

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