A Democrat, who likes to reminisce about his time as president, scaled back a family celebration in Massachusetts, because the Chinese regime is offended by the number of guests.

Barack Obama significantly downsized his 60th birthday party at Martha’s Vineyard, 91 miles south of Boston.

The former president initially planned to host as many as 700 guests at their multimillion-dollar residence. A huge guest list included former White House workers and celebrities like George Clooney, Nick Jonas, Paul McCartney, Steven Spielberg, and Stevie Wonder.

However, attendance was quickly slashed to just family and close friends after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) called the celebration a super spreader event in the CCP virus pandemic.

“Due to the new spread of the Delta variant over the past week, the [former] president and Mrs. Obama have decided to significantly scale back the event to include only family and close friends,” former president spokeswoman Hannah Hankins said in a statement obtained by the New York Times. “He is appreciative of others sending their birthday wishes from afar and looks forward to seeing people soon.”

The remarks came after the Global Times published an August 3 commentary, accusing Obama of neglecting “life and human rights.”

“[The party could] become a super spreader event that overshadows the United States’s already wretched fight against the pandemic,” it said.

The paper criticized the Democrat’s hypocrisy for hosting a massive birthday celebration despite earlier blasting President Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

“[Obama] himself is not setting a better example by following the rules,” it said according to Breitbart.

The state-controlled mouthpiece suggested China’s communist dictatorship was superior to American individual rights and liberties.

“For Obama, hosting a birthday party is aimed at showing off his former glory as president, and a manifestation of the idea that Americans are ‘free’ to do whatever they want,” it said.

The Global Times also accused Obama of deliberately undermining President Joe Biden’s public image, because the incumbent wants to scare Americans into wearing face masks and avoiding social gatherings. It then criticized Biden for holding parties at the White House.

“Holding large gatherings even while in the grip of the pandemic seems to be embedded in the DNA of Americans,” it said. “On July 4, U.S. President Joe Biden welcomed around 1,000 people to the White House to mark the country’s Independence Day, and to tout his administration’s ‘achievements’ in fighting the pandemic.”

Beijing has pushed through its fair share of super spreader events in celebrating 100 years of communism. The CCP invited tens of thousands of people to dozens of activities to commemorate its 100th anniversary back in June. As many as 200 million people had separately traveled across the country to commemorate International Workers’s Day one month earlier.

By August, the CCP virus outbreaks became so out of control the regime was forced to shut down several major cities. This includes Wuhan, where the virus is believed to have originated.

Such hypocrisy did not stop the CCP from condemning the United States’s “individual liberties.” The regime claimed there is no room for freedom in a pandemic. Hosting large events amounts to “throwing the interests of Americans and the reputation of the United States into the mud.”

“With this political farce being staged again and again the United States, once a ‘shining city on the hill,’ has become more divided as a result of the pandemic,” the paper said.

The heated remarks came despite the family appointing a “[CCP virus] coordinator” to ensure all attendees present evidence of vaccination and a negative test result before entering the venue.

News of Obama’s birthday party broke shortly after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) once again asked vaccinated individuals to wear face masks in public. This is due to a recent jump in Delta variant infections across the United States.

Most people administered Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines, and Johnson and Johnson’s more conventional vector jab, have experienced mild adverse reactions according to official studies.

CDC is still concerned immunized people could infect the unvaccinated, either by choice or due to medical reasons. This is particularly the case for youth, for whom the FDA has not approved any of the three vaccines.

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