Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said Wednesday, Oct. 30, that no Republican will vote for the removal of President Donald Trump “because he did nothing wrong.”

In an interview on “Hannity,” of Fox News Graham said House Democrats are “bad losers” who do not accept that Donald Trump is president.

“That’s the problem,” Graham added. “They don’t accept that President Trump won the election, and America hates a sore loser as much as any country on the planet.”

“This is an unfair process being driven by sore losers and there is not one vote in the United States Senate to impeach President Trump based on this phone call because he did nothing wrong,” he added.

Graham stressed that the process is taking place without meeting the most elementary requirements of justice and that the chairman of the intelligence committee, Democrat Adam Schiff is doing it behind closed doors.

“The president’s denied right to counsel and Republicans can’t call witnesses without Schiff agreeing, so this whole thing is a sham,” Graham said of the investigation.

Graham also stressed the need for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to investigate Democrat Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, in connection with their business in Ukraine and China while his father was vice president under Barack Obama.

Wednesday night saw a heated debate in the Congressional Rules Committee over the document that will be debated Thursday with all these irregularities, according to Fox News.

President Trump also reported these irregularities in a tweet on Tuesday.

“Why are people that I never even heard of testifying about the call. Just read the call transcript and the impeachment hoax is over! Ukraine said no pressure.”

Today, Thursday, the process of removing President Trump will be debated in the House of Representatives, which currently has a Democratic majority, although it is foreseeable that, given the irregularities of the process, there will be ‘desertions’ among the ranks of Democrats.

Should the House of Representatives approve the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, the last word will be in the Senate where Republicans have a majority.

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