Former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley, urged Americans to “wake up” to the ambition of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to overthrow the United States. 

“The problem is wake up, America. This is nothing small. China has wanted to dominate the world for a long time. They want to bring down America and they almost did that with the coronavirus [CCP Virus],” Haley toldFox & Friends” on Dec. 21. 

Continuing her address, Haley warned of the need to act on the CCP’s threatening incursions into American life.

“What we have to do is understand we’ve got to quit talking about China [the CCP] and we’ve got to do something about China. They are trying to go and spy on our satellites and trying to build up their military,” Haley said.

She added, “They are the biggest human rights abusers. They’re trying to control communication. They’re getting involved in elections. We have to stop talking about China and we have to start doing something about it and that’s just not happening,” quoted Fox News. 

Haley also recalled several of the harmful strategies used to minimize its responsibility for the emergence and disastrous spread of the CCP Virus, which nearly brought down the United States. 

Among them is the use of thousands of trolls on the internet to distort the narrative of what happened to alter it in their favor.  

Likewise, Haley recommended a strategy to control the influence of the CCP, which she described as parasitic.  

“China feeds on American openness like a parasite, using it to strengthen itself,” Haley said. 

“The right course is to further limit Chinese access to our companies, telecommunications, and universities, as the United States did with the Soviet Union, while building additional military, economic, and diplomatic strength,” Haley also noted

The CCP has become the biggest threat to the United States, according to security agencies, and the apparent relationship with Democratic Party leaders is another cause for concern.

That’s why Haley also urged Georgians to vote for Senate candidates Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in her Dec. 20 speech.

“So what else is at stake is the liberals feel like if they can’t win by playing by the rules, they just want to change the rules, right? You know one of the first things they want to do? They want to make D.C. and Puerto Rico a state so that they can get more liberals in the Senate,” Haley explained.

So she alluded to Loeffler and Perdue saying, “Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are our first line of defense to make sure that doesn’t happen.”


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