More than half of the members of the House Republican Conference have agreed to remove Liz Cheney from the party’s chair because she voted for President Trump’s impeachment, Breitbart reported.

House Freedom Committee Chairman Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) and Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-Mont.) are leading the effort to circulate a petition to force a special conference meeting where proponents are seeking a debate and vote on a resolution asking Cheney to resign from the leadership table.

The initiative now has the support of at least 115 Republican legislators according to a report by The Hill.

Cheney is one of 10 Republicans who voted to remove President Trump for allegedly inciting people to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6, an accusation that has been debunked based on circumstantial evidence:

  • videos of the incidents show Antifa members, not Trump supporters, violating the compound and
  • Trump not only never incited violence but condemned it as soon as he had the opportunity to send a message from the White House.

In the same effort, the Wyoming GOP, the state that Cheney represents, published a resolution to censure the representative for having lost “voter confidence.”

“Representative Cheney has violated the trust of her voters, failed to faithfully represent a very large majority of motivated Wyoming voters, and neglected her duty to represent the party and the will of the people who elected her to represent them,” states the resolution of Wyoming Republicans.

Other Republican legislators loyal to the Make America Great Again movement also called Cheney’s attitude divisive, which gave the Democrats an excuse to persecute Republicans.

Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.) stated, “Her decision to impeach the president does not represent the majority of our conference. It has only served to become a Democrat talking point to be used against our party during this impeachment debate.”

He added, “Leadership is a privilege, and carries great responsibility. I believe that privilege has been violated, and I am calling for her to step down as Republican Conference chair.”

Rosendale, one of the representatives leading the effort to remove Cheney as party chair in the House, also expressed his anger at Cheney’s betrayal: “Rep. Cheney did not consult with the rest of our conference before supporting impeachment.”

“She failed to abide by the spirit of the Conference rules & is ignoring the preferences of Republican voters. I’m calling on her to step down as Conference Chair,” he added.

The second attempt to impeach Trump when he is no longer in office has been ruled unconstitutional by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). However, Democrat Chuck Schumer stated that there will be a vote in the Senate so that Trump cannot run again in an election ever again.

“The Senate’s attempt to disqualify a president from future office who is no longer in office, would be an unconstitutional act of political vengeance, not a righteous constitutional act to protect the nation by removal of an incumbent president,” Graham wrote. 

“Such a gratuitous, meaningless effort by the Senate of the United States is neither worthy of our great institution, nor a service to the nation and the American people. It will incite further division,” he continued.