After the county clerk dismissed a voting fraud lawsuit in Michigan, a federal judge reinstated it.

Judge Kevin Elsenheimer released two separate orders this week ordering the Antrim County election fraud case to be immediately reinstated, finding that the clerk’s non-service dismissal was inappropriate.

After it was revealed that more than 5,000 votes for President Donald Trump were reportedly flipped to Joe Biden, Antrim County gained national coverage. Jocelyn Benson, Michigan’s Democrat secretary of state, blamed the possible vote transfer on a “clerical error.”

“I do think I know what happened,” Sheryl Guy, Antrim County clerk said. “I believe that when we got a new flash drive, we should’ve pulled all of our jurisdictions back and reprogrammed them. We did not do that.”

Guy has been charged with receiving and keeping court documents and has been named as a material witness in the case.


Meanwhile, critics have raised concerns about another case of voter fraud in the state, in which one county had more registered voters than eligible residents.

“The reality is that Michigan’s voter rolls are inflated and they have been inflated for some time,” according to the Honest Elections Project’s Executive Director Jason Snead. “In fact, a year ago we did data analysis and pointed out to state officials that there are records in a number of counties that had more voters registered than voting age eligible citizens in those counties.”

Attorneys now have until April 8 to finish their discoveries, with a settlement conference scheduled for May 11.

You can learn more about this case here.

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