Louisiana did one big sign Trump 2020 to welcome President Trump at 7 million square feet of space, the border alone is 2 miles long,  160 acres, and 1/2 mile square. President Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Friday evening, Oct. 11, to support for Republican candidates as the GOP hopes to replace the governor’s seat in the election Saturday.

He is also expected to encourage his supporters to vote for either of the Republican candidates over Democratic incumbent John Bel Edwards.

LOUISIANA — Tomorrow, you will head to the polls and VOTE to REPLACE Liberal Democrat John Bel Edwards with a great new REPUBLICAN Governor! Get out and vote for either @DocAbraham or @EddieRispone (BOTH GREAT)!”, the president tweeted.

For this campaign trip, President Trump gave a Little League baseball team the ride of their lives Friday when he invited them to fly back home to Louisiana with him aboard Air Force One.

According to a media pool report, after arriving at the airbase close to an hour after his scheduled departure time, Trump shook hands with the players on the tarmac before inviting them to board the plane with him.

Earlier, Eastbank Little League shared photos of the team on its fan page, saying “WHITE HOUSE WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!! Thank you President Trump and Congressman Scalise for such a memorable experience.”

Before that, President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence also addressed supporters at Minneapolis’s Target Center Thursday night—his first rally since the impeachment inquiry was set into motion.

It is the president’s first rally in Minneapolis, and is also the first of two rallies scheduled for the week and a third next week—the next one is in Louisiana on Friday and the third in Dallas next week.

President Trump tweeted that over the next 13 months, he and his supporters will win in Minnesota in 2020.

President Trump tweeted: “Over the next 13 months, we are going to fight with all of our heart and soul—and we are going to win the Great State of Minnesota in 2020! #TrumpMinneapolis #KAG2020“

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