Attorney Lin Wood has called on the American people to “trust President Trump” and unify to fight the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which he said is not a friend of the United States but an evil force seeking to take over the country.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday night, Dec. 9, Wood sketched out some points to expose the nature of the CCP’s plot.

First, the attorney claimed that the evil and ruthless CCP wants American soil to grow food after acquiring a lot of land in Africa in recent years.

Second, Wood claimed that the CCP might have moved its target to take over the U.S. to 2020 instead of the initial goal of 2049, as it has publicly stated.

In particular, he linked the CCP’s goal to a statement by liberal billionaire George Soros who said at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, earlier this year that “there would be one-world government by 2021.”

Wood then called for unification in coming weeks to protect freedom in the United States, and Americans “need to trust President Trump,” who he said, “is the right leader at the right time in our history.”

The attorney explained that what happened in 2020 were “steps leading to color revolution,” designed to trigger a disputed election.

“Next step in color revolution playbook is violence in the streets. They could stage an incident of violence to trigger civil war to blame Trump,” he wrote.

“We fall if divided. We win if unified. Civil war is a disguise. Actually, a revolution—a fight for freedom against China (& possibly Iran). When we realize we have common foe, we will unite for victory. But difficult weeks lay ahead. If I am wrong, mock me. But BE PREPARED,” he added.

Wood has repeatedly warned of the CCP’s interference in the U.S. presidential election, calling them “The Masters of Deceit.”

In a tweet in November, Wood accused the CCP of using computer fraud and mail ballot fraud to interfere with the U.S. national election to “overthrow our duly elected President without firing a shot.”

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