At a session of the Taiwanese Legislature on Monday, Feb. 1, members of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) suggested the government push for changes to the constitution to make clear its independence from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), arguing that Taiwan must become a “normalized country.” The opposition rejected the move, calling the action provocative.

At least 58 members of Taiwan’s ruling DPP advocated changes to the constitution at the latest public session on Monday, Breitbart reported.

“Our constitution actually reflects a Greater China mentality and our so-called territory does not reflect our reality—that our jurisdiction only extends to Taiwan, Kinmen, Penghu, and Matsu, but not China and even Mongolia,” DPP legislator Chen Ting-fei said.

The move is unlikely to succeed due to the difficulty of making changes to the constitution, it was reported, but it reflects the continuing efforts of independence supporters to change the status quo and their intention to disengage from CCP rule.

On Monday, DPP lawmakers also backed a landmark proposal to change Taiwan’s coat of arms and national anthem.

“Our coat of arms and anthem actually come from the KMT (Nationalists), which should not be used to represent our country,” Chen said.

“The coat of arms, a white sun on a blue background, was adopted by the KMT, or Nationalists, in 1927 when they controlled mainland China, while the anthem was adopted in 1937. They have not changed since the KMT was defeated by the communists in the civil war and fled to Taiwan in 1949.”

Tension between the island and the CCP has been on the rise for several months. Last week the spokesman for CCP Defense Minister Wu Qian, issued a threat to the Taiwanese people at a press conference, “We warn those elements who seek ‘Taiwan independence’: those who play with fire will get burned, and ‘Taiwan independence’ means war.'” 

The Chinese CCP views Taiwan’s democratically elected government as pushing the island toward a formal declaration of independence.

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen has repeatedly said that it is already an independent country called the Republic of China, its formal name.

The CCP military has been carrying out an intimidating and provocative attitude over the last month, repeatedly flying over Taiwanese shores, invading its airspace, thus increasing tension with the Taiwanese government and raising alarms within the international community of possible real conflicts.

The former Trump administration was commitment to its ally Taiwan in the face of the CCP’s outrages, which had indeed given peace of mind to the island’s inhabitants. The new Biden administration and its common interests with communism call into question the continued support and alliance with the United States.

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