California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder on Sunday, Aug. 30, criticized Gov. Gavin Newsom for the COVID-19 shutdowns and the surge in crime and homelessness in the state, believing that the incumbent will be recalled in the special election in the next two weeks.

“I believe September 14th he’ll be out of here,” Elder told Fox News.

California is embroiled in a special gubernatorial election in which a majority of voters can choose to recall Gov. Newsom and then select his replacement from a list of candidates.

The recall election resulted from a campaign by a group of Californians who have collected more than 1.5 million signatures calling for the governor’s ousting for poor political performance.

According to Fox News, 22 million registered voters in California have been receiving their ballots, and in some counties, ballot drop boxes are already open and some election offices are available for early voting.

Elder just jumped into the race about a month ago, but majority of the latest surveys show that the conservative talk radio host has become the front-runner among the gubernatorial replacement candidates.

Speaking to ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ host Maria Bartiromo, Elder said that right now those in favor and those opposed to the recall is “50/5.”

“It takes 50% plus one vote to get this guy out,” Elder explained, saying that independent voters and the majority of Hispanics who voted for him two years ago “now want him out.” 

“People are now leaving, crime is up, homelessness is up, the cost of living is out of control,” Elder said of California’s predicament under the Newsom administration.

“The fires are worse because he’s not properly managed the forest. We’re have rolling brownouts for crying out loud in California,” he said.

“You add it all up and many Californians want this man to go,” Elder continued. 

Elder said that, if elected, he will repeal mask mandates and vaccine mandates for state workers, and will be “committed” to reversing cashless bail in California as well as the “ridiculous defund the police movement.”

“All of that is going to be reversed when I become governor of California,” he said. 

An early August poll claims that 51% of California voters are willing to recall Newsom. Even a majority of Hispanic voters who normally vote Democrat would vote for the governor to go.

There are 46 replacement gubernatorial candidates on this recall ballot.

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