Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri accused Democrats of playing politics with border security and said they should stop worrying about 2020 so Congress can do its job.

“You know, I mean, look, this is what this is all about. This is all about pure politics,” Hawley said Friday on “Fox & Friends.”

“The people of this country sent a message in 2016, 2018. They want results,” he said. “They want the border secure. They want folks to actually get something done in Washington.”

Hawley claimed President Donald Trump is willing to make a deal with Democrats on immigration, but said they’ve refused to come to the table in good faith.

“And now you have the Democrats saying we won’t even come to the table. You can see it in [New York Democratic] Sen. [Chuck] Schumer’s response. I mean it’s the ever shifting goal post,” he said, adding:

The president said let’s make a deal. Let’s meet together. We’ve got to get border security. Let’s make a deal. And you have the Democrats saying ‘no.’ We don’t want to. The people of this country elected us to work. It is time the Democrats got to work. Stop with the partisanship. Stop focusing on 2020. You listen, Brian [Kilmeade], it’s like, you know, everybody around here is focused on 2020 and the Democrats running for president. They need to do their jobs right now.

Source: Daily Caller News Foundation

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