John Solomon, a senior contributor to The Hill, gave an interview to Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo, on Sunday, Aug.18, in which he described some of the inner workings of political-consulting firm Fusion GPS, and its direct connection to the Justice Department through former Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr.

The Fusion GPS team, which included founder Glenn Simpson, Bruce Ohr’s wife Nellie Ohr (also a contractor for Fusion GPS), and former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, appears to show a clear agenda at the outset of the FBI’s Russia investigation to implicate President Trump under the pretense that he colluded with Russia before he took office.

As Solomon describes for Fox News, “We used to have the Bermuda Triangle. Now we have the Fusion GPS triangle. In one corner, you’ve got Christopher Steele, a British intelligence agent desperate to influence the [2016] election, because he’s desperate to defeat Trump. He’s also being paid by Hillary Clinton.”

“Then you’ve got Nellie Ohr,” Solomon continues, “the wife of a senior Justice Department official being paid by the same firm, Fusion GPS, on the same project to find Russia dirt on Trump. And then in the last corner, you’ve got Glenn Simpson, the founder of Fusion GPS and a contractor for Hillary Clinton.”

“In the middle of those three is Bruce Ohr, senior Justice Department official, taking highly uncorroborated, highly partisan, highly conflicted information and getting it to the top of FBI and Justice Department. Nobody saw a problem with that.”

A new group of documents released last week by the U.S. Justice Department to political watchdog group Judicial Watch shows that Bruce Ohr gave the FBI anti-Trump political research that was produced by his wife Nellie Ohr for political-consulting firm Fusion GPS.

Bruce Ohr, who has since been demoted within the Justice Department, served as a back-channel, connecting Fusion GPS to the FBI, after the FBI cut ties with Christopher Steele, in late 2016.

A lot of attention has been given to the dossier that Steele helped develop for Fusion GPS, but the ongoing investigation by US Attorney John Durham into the origins of the FBI’s Russia probe may reveal involvement by the CIA in the early spring of 2016. This was before President Trump won the Republican nomination.

“I am hearing that John Durham and [Attorney General] Bill Barr are focusing on the part before the FBI officially got started on July 31st, 2016, the period of March to July, and whether intelligence assets—Western, private, or U.S.—were deployed in an earlier effort to start probing the Trump campaign and its Russia ties. Maybe [they would] lay the breadcrumb trail of evidence that Christopher Steele then collected up and gave to the FBI.”

According to information obtained by Solomon, through an interview with Joseph Mifsud’s attorney, Mifsud had a long history working with Western intelligence and was being directed by a Western intelligence agency to meet with George Papadopoulos and lead Trump’s campaign aide to believe Russia had stolen emails from Hillary Clinton.

Solomon said, “It was an operation, some form of an intelligence operation. That was the lawyer’s own words for this. If that’s the case, that means the flashpoint that started the whole investigation was, in fact, manufactured from the beginning.”

When asked by Bartiromo, who Solomon thought was behind the intelligence operation, Solomon concluded by stating, “I think the CIA [may be behind the operation]. I think we have to take a closer look at them. We’re starting to see some sign of it.”