The current state of leadership in the country is appalling. In reality, not only for the people, but also for institutions and officials, the transition from good Republican governance to ultra-left populism is difficult.

The military, which represents the strength of American civilization, is also caught up in the chaos. There are generals who uphold the law and the Constitution, and others who pursue a higher role in the D.C. elite.

Every institution’s dichotomy is more than noticeable. America Max News has already covered this thread.

National Guard chief Daniel R. Hokanson, a four-star general and member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wanted the troops to be withdrawn due to mission “overstretch” and the “indefinite life” of the D.C. security mission, according to a memo published by Fox News.

“I am worried that the continued indefinite existence of this requirement may also hinder our ability to man future missions as both adjutants general and guardsmen alike may be cautious about committing to future endeavors,” the National Guard chief’s memo said.

This suggests that the Pentagon’s “big guns,” who are appointed and backed by liberals, are now attempting to confront everyone in the military who does not share their viewpoint.

Furthermore, the general expressed concern about maintaining troop levels in Washington, D.C. at even lower levels.

“Efforts to date have failed to secure enough volunteers among supporting states to meet the USCP request of 2,280 soldiers, nor Option B of 1,000 soldiers,” the memo mentioned.

Many reports and credible evidence suggest that this invisible “danger” is yet another deep state installation.

Gen. William J. Walker, who testified in front of the whole nation and said some strange things, supported this suspicion. The delay of the National Guard, for example, was triggered by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other Democrats demanding “optics.” Something never seen before in the history of the D.C. National Guard. In the video below, you can see the following testimony.

All reputable reports note that there is a lot of ground for skepticism. Official institutions must avoid unintended repercussions from the anarchy, which is spreading like wildfire and “swallowing” every part of the country’s vast social-economic mosaic.

Pelosi’s role in the delays in approving National Guard troops was corroborated by former House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving.

According to The Washington Post, the Pentagon has reduced the National Guard’s ability to coordinate and prepare for the demonstrations. National Guard troops, numbering about 10,000 would be stationed at the White House on President Trump’s orders.

“Former President Trump told Fox News late Sunday that days before last month’s deadly protests, he expressed concern about the crowd size near the Capitol and personally demanded 10,000 National Guard troops be mobilized in response,” according to Fox News.

The Washington Post, while claiming to have refuted the president’s call for more National Guard troops on Tuesday, actually supports it. The fact is buried in a report by Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler titled, “Trump wrongly says he ’requested’ 10,000 troops rejected by Pelosi.”

“[Acting Defense Secretary Christopher] Miller and other senior Pentagon officials never relayed the 10,000 number to someone outside the Defense Department,” according to a former U.S. official familiar with the situation.

“We didn’t act on it because they didn’t think a force of that magnitude would be required based on meetings with federal and local law enforcement leadership,” the former official concluded.

The Pentagon buried the request and didn’t do anything about it.

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