A Democrat that has controlled the White House for two weeks is failing to inspire confidence in his ability to run the country, a new study found.

The latest Quinnipiac University national poll found Joe Biden’s approval rating fell short of the satisfactory benchmark of 50%.

Only 49% of 1,075 respondents thought Biden had done a good job so far in the Oval Office, compared to 36% who disapproved and the remainder who were unsure about how he performed.

The sample study, which was conducted between Jan. 28 and Feb. 1, also found more than two-thirds were either very dissatisfied (46%) or somewhat dissatisfied (23%) with the state of the nation.

Only 6% were very satisfied, and 23% somewhat satisfied with the present situation across the United States.

The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus was the biggest concern, with 68% calling the pandemic a crisis, 25% a problem, and the remainder not a problem at all.

Quinnipiac University believes the Democratic Party should take full responsibility for the lackluster results.

“The Biden numbers are solid but not spectacular as the country tries to coalesce around a new administration that faces the dual challenge of daunting economic struggles and comforting a COVID (CCP Virus) weary public,” Polling analyst Tim Malloy said in a statement. “Amid a palpable uncertainty about the months and even years ahead, there is a sense that President Biden is the man for the moment, and that moment cannot come too soon.”

Vice President Kamala Harris only secured a 45% favorability rating, with 35% calling her unfavorable, and the remainder reporting they do not know enough about her.

First Lady Jill Biden similarly attracted just 44% favorability, with 18% describing her as unfavorable and more than a third undecided.

Other noteworthy job approval ratings include:

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (45% approve, 47% disapprove, and 8% undecided)
  • Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (37% approve, 42% disapprove, and 20% undecided)
  • GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (27% approve, 45% disapprove, and 28% undecided)
  • GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (21% approve, 67% disapprove, and 12% undecided).

All Democrats in Congress received a 46% disapproval rating with 10% undecided. Survey respondents were equally divided on the future of the Democratic Party.

“Americans are evenly split on the direction the Democratic Party is moving in, with 46% saying it is moving in the right direction and 46% saying it is moving in the wrong direction,” the university said.

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