After attorney Lin Wood mentioned that Supreme Court Justice John Roberts insulted President Donald Trump and said he cannot be allowed another term, Roberts appears to be connected to George Soros. 

“Does anyone else find it strange that George Soros seems to think he can count on John Roberts to help him destroy nationalism,” asks Jennifer Lynn in a tweet she has posted on her account with user @JenLawrence21 on Twitter, forwarded on Dec. 18 by user @AmyKremer and others. 

She added, “Don’t take my word for it, here he is in Davos in January, where he praises the Chief Justice, twice.”

In his speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January, Soros spoke ill of President Trump trying to discredit his work for the benefit of the United States, and implied that Roberts could be helpful in achieving the impeachment the Democrats were attempting at the time. 

“The Senate trial is shaping up to be a strictly pro forma issue because the Republican majority in the Senate is united behind Trump, although Chief Justice Roberts, who is presiding, may surprise us,” Soros said. 

Soros has a long history of trying to undermine the U.S. legal system, and he has invested a lot of money in that project.

By 2010 he had spent nearly 10 years moving the U.S. judiciary to the left, through his Open Society Institute (OSI) Foundation, considered his ‘political arm,’ according to The Washington Times. 

A 2010 study by the American Justice Partnership noted that the OSI had invested $45.4 million in the merit-based selection system, which reduces the influence of citizens and their representatives in choosing justices.

In “merit” selection, judges are selected by a small unelected and unaccountable commission, composed of legal elites and representatives of powerful special interest groups, which meets out of public view.

More recently, Soros invested millions of dollars more to have openly leftist prosecutors elected, who in fact relax the application of the law in their areas of influence.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich expressed this sentiment, “The number one problem in almost all of these cities is that the left-leaning, anti-cop, and pro-criminal district attorneys elected by George Soros refuse to keep people locked up,” Gingrich said on Sept. 16.

Likewise, Lawrence mentions Roberts even more in her tweets, raising other uncomfortable situations about him, about the possibility of being blackmailed for possible participation in parties with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. 

“Roberts’ dissent against Cuomo’s blatantly unconstitutional dictates caught the eye of his fellow Justice Neil Gorsuch, who accused him of “a serious rewriting of history” to justify his ridiculous vote. Is Chief Justice Roberts being blackmailed?” Lawrence added.

Likewise, Lawrence shows a flight log in which the name John Roberts appears and asks if it will be the U.S. Supreme Court justice. 

Finally, she mentions with relief that Roberts’s vote could not prejudice the application of the Constitution anyway.  

“Fearless warriors like Sidney Powell and Lin Wood seem to be heading to the Supreme Court in the battle to expose the globalist plot to steal Donald Trump’s election,” Lawrence wrote. 

“We should all be very grateful that Roberts’ vote is no longer needed to uphold the Constitution, thank God!

Despite the intense work of lawyers defending electoral transparency in the United States, seriously harmed by fraudulent handlings, the response of the courts has not been decided.

Nevertheless, President Trump has sufficient resources to make the electoral will of the majority of Americans prevail.

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