About 50,000 registered voters in Franklin County, Ohio, received their mail-in ballots with incorrect information confirmed by the Election Board on Friday, Oct. 9, Breitbart reported.

The Board of Elections and BlueCrest, the company providing the ballots, determined that about 50,000 Franklin County residents received their ballots from the U.S. Postal Service with information from other people.

“The board has already begun the process to print, stuff, and mail the 49,669 replacement ballots and expect them to be sent to the United States Postal Service within 72 hours for delivery,” the board said in a statement.

According to the election board, the problem was generated in the process of scanning the ballots, because apparently the machine did not correlate the envelope and the ballot to the same person.

BlueCrest issued a formal statement without admitting any guilt, assuring that it is working with the election board to fix the detected problem.

New Hampshire: Residents receive ‘unofficial’ ballots 

New Hampshire residents received envelopes with their voting forms and a handwritten note saying “You are needed. Please fill this out and mail it.”

The Attorney General’s Office that received the complaint from several residents confirmed that the correspondence was not sent by any official agency and that there is no visible evidence of any political party behind the incident.

“There were voters in communities in New Hampshire that have been receiving these unidentified mailers,” said Assistant Attorney General Nicholas Chong Yen. “They came in these envelopes with a return envelope to the recipient’s town or city clerk and contained an absentee ballot application form.”

Los Angeles: woman finds discarded ballots on the street

A woman in South Los Angeles told local media she found several voting envelopes on the street in front of a Bank of America located at 29th Street and Crenshaw Boulevard.

“I guess most people were just driving over them and ignoring them,” Kandace Rushiddin told CBS Los Angeles. “So, I took my paper towel and grabbed the ones I could.”

The ballots apparently were for residents of a building located about a mile from the bank.

Rushiddin initially thought it was untrue that this problem with absentee ballots could exist, she had heard people say they found ballots discarded here and there, but she didn’t believe it, and it just happened to her, to find the evidence.

“It’s worrisome, because how are you going to vote?” she added. “Or some people might still be waiting for their ballots thinking that they’ll just come later and then not get them, and by the time they realize and ask for another one, it might be too late.”

With less than a month to go before the election, reports of the countless problems with universal mail-in ballots continue to emerge and these are just a sampling of what could really be happening on a larger scale.

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