Former President Donald Trump, on Monday, Aug. 2, released a statement highlighting the disarray facing Americans under the Biden administration and lamenting the biased news media which used to attack him any time the country had problems under his presidency.

In a short statement, Trump said, “If I were President right now, with COVID raging back, people being shot and killed in record numbers all over our cities, and the Border totally open with criminals and heavily infected COVID people pouring through our Southern Border and into our communities, the Fake News Media would be having an absolute field day.”

Trump also described how things were when he was the commander in chief.

“When I left office law enforcement was supported like never before, the Border was strong, safe, and secure (the best ever!), and I got a highly effective vaccine developed in less than 9 months (when it was supposed to take 5 years, or more!)” he continued.

“Hopefully, people will NEVER FORGET!” he said.

The former president may declare another bid for the White House as polls show Trump remains the most popular politician in the Republican Party.

His statement came a day after Politico reported Trump’s political action committees had $102 million in the bank after raising $82 million in the first half of 2021, which is nearly as much as Democrats and fellow Republicans combined during the period.

Heading into the mid-term election next year, with such a fundraising haul, which Politico called “virtually unprecedented,” will surely make Democrats very uncomfortable.

In addition, the amount also means Trump’s influence is likely to be a significant factor in the midterms that will determine the fate of the Biden presidency.

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