After Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter became involved in serious corruption, an audio recording of Hunter’s confession was released.

“I have another reporter…calling about my representation of Patrick Ho—the [expletive removed] spy chief of China who started the company that my partner, who is worth $323 billion, founded and is now missing,” Hunter said in an audio segment released by The National Pulse on Oct 27.

The audio went viral and in it Hunter also mentions his father, allowing him to conclude that he knows about his son’s dark business. The recording was shared by Donald Trump Jr. in one of his tweets.

“(Insult)! Biden is compromised. Audio evidence of Hunter Biden admitting to being in a partnership with the ‘Spy Chief of China’ and he admits his father knew,” he wrote.

“CNN ran with Melania’s “secret tapes.” Will they cover this? RT it, so they can’t ignore it,” added Donald Trump Jr.

In the audio Hunter refers to his partner Jianming Ye, a Chinese billionaire linked to the Communist Party of China (CCP) and former president of the CEFC conglomerate China Energy, who disappeared in 2018.

The person who served as liaison between Hunter and Ye was JiaQi Bao, the daughter of Bo Xilai, a political rival of leader Xi Jinping, and when Hunter found out about this relationship he blew the whistle on her, according to a member of the Whistleblower Movement founded by Guo WenGui.

Guo is a Chinese billionaire based in New York City, whose mission is to destroy the CCP.

After Xi confirmed that Bao was Bo’s daughter, he suspected that the former CEO of CEFC, Ye, was not loyal to him and had him arrested. Once in prison he had several “heart attacks” from which he died. 

Somewhat surprisingly, it was a New York Post publication on Oct. 14 that attracted the public’s attention, when the FBI had been given evidence of the serious crimes allegedly committed by the Biden family for at least five years.

In fact, the hard drives containing the information released by the New York Post were handed over to the FBI 10 months earlier.

The Senate then conducted an investigation into the accusations made about Hunter Biden, without any official charges being brought against him.

More recently, on Oct. 1, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich also revealed details and evidence about corruption and foreign business in former Vice President Joe Biden’s family, according to an interview with Fox News and published by Gingrich on Oct. 26. 

According to the interview, both Hunter and Jim, Joe Biden’s son and brother, earned money from overseas investments under the cover of Joe’s vice presidency during the Obama administration.

Likewise, it is implausible for Gingrich that Joe Biden would not have noticed, since he publicly denied receiving money from abroad or knowing about Hunter’s business in other countries.

From the compromising publications of the New York Post, evidence of Biden’s corruption emerged from many sources, not only written but also graphic with photos, audio, and video. 

Nevertheless, the mainstream media made every effort to deny and hide the serious facts, even the Big Tech dared to systematically censor the dissemination of information, in apparent complicity with Joe Biden, and against the duty of communicating to Americans and facilitating free expression.

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