A New York Democrat, who leads a congressional group responsible for administering justice, was forced to back down after denying the attorney general’s request for a short break.

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) created outrage in Congress when he refused to allow the House Judiciary Committee hearing to stand in recess.

“Sorry, Mr. Chairman, could we take a five-minute break, could we take a five-minute break, Mr. Chairman?” Attorney General William Barr could be heard saying in a video shared on YouTube.

The Democrat, who showed up to the hearing almost an hour late because he was involved in a car accident on the way to the Capitol, initially ignored the request before finally shouting, “No.”

A Republican congressman who spoke off-camera pointed out a short recess is not unusual. “It is a common courtesy of every witness,” he said.

Barr also protested that he did not have the opportunity to eat anything because Nadler’s car accident delayed him from having something to eat. “I waited 45 [minutes,] an hour for you this morning, I have not had lunch [and] I would like to take a five-minute break,” the attorney general said.

However, the Democrat still refused and tried to ask Barr to be patient. “Mr. Attorney General, we are almost finished, we are going to be finished in a few minutes,” Nadler said. “Otherwise, we can certainly take a break.”

Nadler’s behavior upset the attorney general, who shared some sarcastic feedback about his style of running the hearing. “You are a class act Mr. Chairman, you are a real class act,” Barr said chuckling.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) also provided feedback of his own and demanded to have a five-minute break. “No, he wants a break now and you just meant to be rude,” Jordan said. “I think we are seeing it on display, let us let the attorney general have a break.”

After the heated exchange, Nadler finally yielded and granted the five-minute break. “After this, if you still want we will have a break … you want it now? Fine,” he said. “The committee will stand in recess now.”

The Democrat has a colorful history of eyebrow-raising incidents, including his latest impromptu interview with “Fleccas Listens” YouTuber Austen Fletcher. He denied that antifa was involved in extreme “anarchist” protests that have spread across the nation since Minnesotan George Floyd died in custody on May 25.

“That is, that is, that is a myth that is being spread only in Washington D.C.,” Nadler said in the video.

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