House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has revealed a new framework to help combat major technology companies that restrict freedom of speech and exhibit anti-competitive behavior.

McCarthy is sick of “overwhelmingly liberal executives” at Big Tech companies limiting or preventing competition and silencing people for sharing conservative views.

“Examples of conservative censorship and bias across internet platforms has proliferated,” he said in an open letter to House Republicans. “Just days before the 2018 primary election, Google search results for ‘California Republicans’ identified our ideology as ‘Nazism.’ At the same time, conservatives like [Rep.] Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and Donald Trump Jr. were shadow banned on Twitter.”

The House minority leader believes Twitter, Google, Amazon, Apple Inc., and other companies are a far cry from their once “gold standard of entrepreneurism and innovation.”

“Big Tech’s idea of competition today is corrupted,” he said. “Big Tech wants higher corporate taxes, because companies like Amazon know it is the entrepreneurs and disruptors who will have to pay more … and just about every big technology company has experience copying products or businesses they are unable to acquire.”

The Republican also accused Google, Amazon, and Apple of anti-competitive behavior by “gate-keeping” first-page search results based on how closely webmasters comply with company rules.

“Over 90 percent of search happens on Google and 90 percent of users drop off after first-page results,” he said. “The ability to stack the deck protects the willing participants of the scheme and punishes the non-compliant … [and,] if your company or product does not meet the criteria of corporate wokeism, it is increasingly likely Americans will not find it on these platforms.”

McCarthy applauded former President Donald Trump for promoting fair competition in business and believes the GOP should go one step further.

“The Trump administration wisely commenced antitrust action against Google last October but more can be done and congressional action is warranted,” he said. “For the sake of preserving free speech and a free economy, it is time Big Tech faces the music.”

GOP Reps. McCarthy, Jim Jordan (Ohio), and Cathy Rodgers (Wash.) agree every company should follow three principles: accountability, transparency, and strengthening anti-trust review.

This framework is hoped to rein in Big Tech companies, end their ability to hide behind vague terms of service, and reject status quo and bureaucratic delays as valid reasons to delay antitrust scrutiny.

McCarthy also accused House Democrats of ignoring Big Tech censorship of conservative voices.

“Their plan empowers a federal bureaucracy with no accountability,” he said. “The Democrats continue to demonstrate no interest in addressing fairness when it comes to conservative viewpoints, and they will continue to use Big Tech to do so.”

The full framework is expected to be released before July 2.

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