U.S. Congress approved framework for a $3.5 trillion budget bill and $1 trillion infrastructure plan with no House Republican votes on Aug. 24.

In a party-line decision 220 Democrats voted for the Path Forward for Build Back Better Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, and 212 GOP House members opposed it.

CNBC reported the framework’s passage lets Democrats draft and approve a massive spending package without GOP support. The House is expected to approve an infrastructure package, which Senate has already passed, on Sept. 27. It also advances a sweeping voting rights legislation that could be approved as early as Aug. 31.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) claims she broke a stalemate with Democrat centrists, who threatened to upend President Joe Biden’s domestic agenda.

“I am committing to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill by September 27 [and] I do so with a commitment to rally House Democratic support for its passage,” she said in a statement. “We must keep the 51-vote privilege by passing the budget, and work with House and Senate Democrats to reach [an] agreement in order for the House to vote on a Build Back Better Act that will pass the Senate.”

Democrat centrists are very pleased with the latest deal.

“This is a big win for America and will help get people to work and shovels in the ground,” they said according to Politico. “We have established a path forward that ensures we can pass this once-in-a-century infrastructure investment by September 27, allowing us to create millions of jobs and bring our nation into the 21st Century.”

Many Republicans supported the infrastructure bill but opposed the $3.5 trillion stimulus package proposed by Democrats, and the tax hikes on businesses and wealthy individuals. They are also concerned the package will increase inflation.

The president welcomed the framework’s passage through the House.

“We are a step closer to truly investing in the American people, positioning our economy for long-term growth and building an America that outcompetes the rest of the world,” he said in a statement. “My goal is to build an economy from the bottom up and middle out, not just the top down.”

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