The Blaze host Glenn Beck comments about Hillary Clinton’s statement that she is actually considering a 2020 presidential run.

According to Beck, the “double-stacked conspiracy theories,” put forward by Mrs. Clinton labeling presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) and former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein “Russian assets” might suggest that the 2016 Democrat presidential candidate is pondering whether to enter the race next year. 

The prediction of her top aide on the 2016 campaign seemingly backs the above comment. Karen Finney stated that Hillary Clinton “will be out on the trail in 2020,” reported The Associated Press.

The New York Times on Monday also wrote that Clinton said she “would consider entering the primary,” if she saw “an opening.”

At the promotion event for their new book with her daughter at Revolution Hall in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday, when asked about the 2020 election, Hillary Clinton said, “All that matters is that we win,” according to KGW8-TV.

Coming back to Glenn Beck, on his radio show, Beck pointed out that “an opening” might imply Bernie Sanders, who has just suffered a heart attack and is falling in the polls. Sanders lost the 2016 nomination to Clinton, as well.

Beck also refers to Joe Biden as another potential “opening” since his approval is also falling in the polls. 

The radio host calls Hillary Clinton “delusional” and “obsessed about the idea of running” for president. 

Back in 2018—right around Halloween—when asked, “Do you want to run again?”

“No, no,” Clinton replied, prompting laughter. Then she added, “I’d like to be president,” reported Washington Times.

Beck goes on to comment that her slam on Gabbard implies a split in the Democrat Party. Her scuffle with Gabbard has also drawn condemnation from other Democrat candidates.

“Tulsi Gabbard deserves much more respect and thanks than this. She literally just got back from serving our country abroad,” tweeted 2020 Democratic contender Andrew Yang.

Bernie took to Twitter with implicit criticisms of his erstwhile rival. “People can disagree on issues,” Sanders wrote Monday, “but it is outrageous for anyone to suggest that Tulsi is a foreign asset.”

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