A Republican from Arkansas wants fellow conservatives to help stop an amnesty provision that Democrats concealed in a $3.5 trillion budget bill.

Sen. Tom Cotton alerted colleagues about the Democratic Party’s hidden agenda to spend $107 billion of taxpayer money on regulating a blanket amnesty for illegal aliens. The revelation came after Cotton reviewed Senate Democrats’s proposed budget framework on Aug. 9.

BL understands the framework instructs various Senate committees to come up with specific plans. The Senate Judiciary Committee is tasked with overseeing blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Breitbart News reported the Democrats want Judiciary Committee members to grant “lawful permanent status for qualified immigrants.” However, there is no criteria for what kind of alien would qualify for such amnesty.

The latest expense to taxpayers is almost 29 percent lower than Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders’s previous amnesty plan, which was projected to cost $150 billion.

However, Cotton still urged every conservative to stop the amnesty plan due to the escalating southern border crisis.

“During a historic border crisis Democrats are trying to ram through mass amnesty for illegal immigrants,” he said on Twitter. “Every conservative needs to get engaged to stop this now, call Congress and tell them no amnesty.”

Other GOP lawmakers quickly supported the senator’s remarks. Sen. Josh Hawley (Mo.) criticized the amnesty as the “most radical, left-wing plan in American history.”

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (Tenn.) described the amnesty plan as one of “Bernie’s radical priorities.”

Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) suggested stopping amnesty through eliminating the bipartisan infrastructure plan, which Senate Democrats pushed through with the help of 18 Republican senators.

The infrastructure plan rewards blue states with federal funds in exchange for increasing immigration to the United States. It includes provisions to allocate funds based on the number of newly arrived immigrants to each jurisdiction.

Conservatives previously criticized the Biden administration for using legal gimmicks that foster so-called quiet amnesty without establishing any law to sanction it. The so-called Temporary Protected Status (TPS) allows immigrants to lawfully stay in the United States.

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas (D) announced what could be considered true amnesty for Venezuelans. He proposed granting an 18-month extension for Venezuelans in the United States to apply for TPS. This indirectly encouraged millions of Venezuelans in South America to come to the United States, and apply for TPS according to the Federal Register of Legislation website.

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