A Republican from Wisconsin celebrated a small victory in the Congress after he insisted that the Democratic Party read out the pandemic relief bill in full.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D) wanted the Senate to vote on the $1.9 trillion Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus stimulus package without declaring what is included.

“I ask consent to dispense with the reading,” he said in a video shared on Twitter.

However, Sen. Ron Johnson (R- Wis.) refused to let the Democrats increase national debt without explaining exactly how taxpayer money will be spent.

“Madame [vice] president, I reserve the right to object,” he said. Adding, “I object.”

Vice President Kamala Harris (D) noted the senator from Wisconsin’s objection and, even though Schumer questioned whether the Republican was allowed to do so, ordered the full reading to continue.

“The objection is heard. The clerk will continue the reading,” she said.

Johnson was concerned that quickly voting on the new package, which was only introduced “minutes ago,” would be an irresponsible way to spend federal funds.

“I just objected to skipping past the reading of the Democrats’ 628-page bill,” he said on Twitter. “If they are going to add nearly $2 trillion to the national debt, at least we should know what is in the bill.”

The senator’s concerns are not unwarranted, especially since the vast majority of measures might not directly relieve financial hardship for struggling Americans.

“Since more than 90 percent of this ‘COVID [CCP Virus] relief’ bill is not even related to COVID, I think we need a full reading of the bill,” he said on Twitter.

Johnson also suggested the Democrats had gone to great lengths to conceal specific details of the bill from the Republican Party.

“Yes, it could take 10 hours but the American people deserve to know what is in it,” he said.

He will take the opportunity to introduce changes to make sure the money reaches those impacted by government restrictions to help contain the deadly disease.

“I am going to offer amendments, many amendments,” he said on Twitter. “We need to highlight the abuse. This is not a COVID (CCP Virus) relief bill; it is a boondoggle for Democrats.”

House Democrats spent the past nine months blocking earlier bills that would have provided badly needed pandemic relief.

Schumer previously criticized the GOP’s previous packages because they did not include federal food assistance, rental assistance, hazard pay for injured workers, special funding for African Americans, and guaranteed wages for state and local school staff.

“Even after all this time, it appears the Republican legislative response to COVID [CCP Virus] is un-unified, unserious, unsatisfactory,” he said in a statement.

The Democrat also refused to give an exact timeframe for when the Senate would pass a revised package.

“[The stimulus is] a partisan bill that will never become law, just so they can muster up the courage to negotiate,” he said.

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