Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signed a new election integrity bill into law that is promised to make it “easier to vote and harder to cheat” on Sept. 7.

“Election integrity is now law in Texas,” he said on Twitter.

The governor revealed the legislation increases identification requirements. It also makes it harder for fraudulent voting through giving partisan poll watchers greater authority to observe the election process. Stricter requirements will also be introduced for drive-thru and postal voting. Ballot harvesting will be considered a third-degree felony.

Elections officials will be banned from distributing unsolicited vote-by-mail applications. The secretary of state’s office will also need to check voter rolls each month to identify non-citizens who improperly registered to vote.

“Bottom line: it is easier to vote and harder to cheat,” he said.

The Texas state Legislature approved measure on Aug. 31. Abbott signed the sweeping overhaul of Texan election procedures during a ceremony in Tyler City. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) and lead sponsor state Sen. Bryan Hughes (R) also attended.

“We must have trust and confidence in our elections,” Abbott said according to The Hill. “[The bill] ensures that every eligible voter will have the opportunity to vote.”

The Republican stressed some changes will make the voting process easier.

“Texas provides 12 days of early voting and this law even adds more hours during those early voting days,” he said according to the publication. “By comparison, the president’s home state of Delaware provides zero days and zero hours of early voting.”

Texas is one of at least 18 states that enacted strict voting laws since the 2020 election.

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