A Republican ally of the previous president will do everything in his power to help defeat the Democratic Party.

Mike Pompeo wants to see a red wave sweep across America the next time voters cast their ballots. The former Secretary of State hopes his newly launched Political Action Committee (PAC) will help achieve this goal at the midterm elections on Nov. 8.

Pompeo officially ruled out standing for election as the GOP’s next candidate for president and will instead focus on defending the “conservative values upon which America was founded.”

“It is unambiguously clear to me that if we do not get it right in the next 16 or 17 months what will happen, over these next four years, will make it incredibly difficult for whoever is elected president in 2024,” he said according to Politico. “That is my singular focus.”

The Republican has established the Champion American Values PAC (CAVPAC) to campaign on behalf of GOP candidates and raise unlimited funds to maximize their chances of being elected to federal, state, and local government offices.

Key messaging to party supporters will oppose the Joe Biden administration’s cultural and political agenda, plus focus on winning back majority status in both houses of U.S. Congress.

“If you cancel the voices that reflect our founders’s ideals and the things that made America the most exceptional nation in the world, no amount of work will save America from what our founders ultimately knew could bring the republic down,” he said on Twitter.

Pompeo has already invited his backers to support CAVPAC, which was named after the U.S. Army Cavalry.

“Calling all unapologetic Americans to join me and become a ‘pipehitter,'” he said on Twitter.

He attached a job description that describes ideal pipehitters as patriots who are “unapologetically American.”

“[I am looking for] someone who fights for our future, someone who never gives an inch, [and] someone who is dedicated to stand against the radical left’s agenda,” he said on Twitter.

“During our [Donald Trump] administration, we never let anyone stand in our way of putting America first,” he added on Twitter.

Pompeo promised to make special appearances at events organized by different fellow party members. This includes the Republican National Committee’s summer donor retreat in Dana Point, California, and a fundraiser for Rep. Mike Garcia (R-Calif.)–who was narrowly re-elected last November.

“You can absolutely imagine me getting involved in races where there are multiple Republican candidates,” he said according to Politico. “My goal is pretty clear: I want to elect the most conservative electable candidate we can find in each of these races whether it is [a] school board, city council, or a U.S. Senate seat.”

He also plans to publicly support a variety of Republican election candidates.

“We are going to go out and we have started this already but we are going to go out and expand to a greater extent, helping candidates all across the country,” he said according to the publication.

Pompeo served as previous President Trump’s first CIA director before being appointed as secretary of state. Throughout his time in the Trump administration he maintained a stable and consistent relationship with the former president.

“My cavalry service [also] taught me that America needs warriors who lead and are willing to ride first into the fight without fear,” he said in a statement.

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