The president of the civil rights group Latinos for Trump, Bianca Gracia, the group Blacks for Trump, and Josh Macias, demanded the shutdown of the 117th Congress and overturn the election of President,Joe Biden, in what they consider, “The biggest civil rights case since Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.”

“The 5% for the Democrat Party and the 5% in the Republican Party are not in our lawsuit. That leaves the Middle 90%,” Gracia clarified. 

And he explained, “Because of the illegal way the government used emergency powers for COVID to override our voting rights, we did not have our voices heard, and as minorities, we are supposed to have our votes protected.”

He added, “Therefore, the entire 117th Congress is illegitimate and all actions taken since Jan. 3 including the Electoral College vote recount and the confirmation of Joseph Biden as president-elect and the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump are null and void.”

The plaintiffs base their case on the federal law, HAVA (Help America Vote Act), and argue that the people of the United States received ballots that were clearly illegal.  

HAVA is an extension of the Voting Civil Rights Act, and both are intended to protect minority voters with special funding from the federal government.

In addition, to accommodate the emergency powers of governors and secretary of state officials, constitutional voting rules were not followed, the groups also argue.

“We know that to the left’s disappointment, the judge in our case is interested in hearing more about the Civil Rights violations that we have recorded,” Gracia explained, clarifying that this was not another lawsuit to vindicate former President Trump. 

So she updated, “We filed a lawsuit before inauguration, and we have made it at the first round. We need the grassroots to get behind us, and if they can donate a little money.” 

“We want to get to the Supreme Court, and we believe we can. This is going to be a huge case. It affects everyone, whether they like Trump or not,” Gracia emphasized.

Twitter user @FQgrl, meanwhile, noted that HAVA has not been enforced since 2017. 

“They have stolen YOUR elections 2020 by means of Fraud. How you ask? By violating a 2002 Federal #HAVA law requiring the certification of election systems and machines. No Election since 2017 has been legal,” he wrote.

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