A new crackdown against visiting relatives prompted Michigan motorists to create traffic gridlock around the state Capitol building in a moving display of defiance.

Several disgruntled drivers have joined the Operation Gridlock protest against Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s latest social-distancing measures to help contain the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus.

The Michigan Conservative Coalition mobilized hundreds of motorists to create bumper-to-bumper traffic along West Saginaw Street, Martin Luther King Boulevard, West Ottawa Street, West Allegan Street, South Walnut Street, and South Capitol Avenue in the downtown area.

“Michiganders are fed up,” the coalition said in a statement. “Our governor and her allies are infecting all of us with their radical, progressive agenda. There is no reasoned and public plan to promote our overall physical and economic health.”

Many of them could be seen honking their horns, waving the national flag, and displaying placards that asked for social-distancing measures to be lifted and for the Great Lake State to reopen its borders.

“Let us start with the fact that some counties have no or very few COVID cases and yet are totally shut down,” coalition President Rosanne Ponkowski said in a statement obtained by Fox News. “When did a one-size solution solve everyone’s local issues? Gov. Whitmer will put you out of business before allowing mere citizens to be responsible for their own behavior. That is madness.”

The action came after Whitmer recently ordered all residents to stay at home, and strictly prohibited visiting family members and friends unless they provide care. Any gatherings regardless of size or family relationship are also banned until at least the beginning of May. The governor recognized the right to protest but gave no indication she would back down.

“Everyone has a right to protest and speak up,” she said in a statement according to Fox News. “We recognize that some people are angry and frustrated, and that is okay. The governor will always defend everyone’s rights to free speech. We just ask those who choose to protest these orders to do so in a manner that does not put their health or the health of our first responders at risk.”

At the time of publication more than 28,000 Michiganders were confirmed CCP Virus cases, while over 1,900 had already died according to the Worldometer website.

The coalition revealed it had tried to contact other elected officials but none of them seemed to be prepared to question Whitmer’s tough social-distancing measures.

“Here is the brutal truth,” the representative said. “Calling your elected representative, your elected senator or even the Capitol will not do a thing. Why? Those offices are all shut down. Plus the electeds have clearly ‘signaled’ that they will do nothing to oppose this governor’s tyranny.”

Organizers have released a code of conduct for all demonstrators to follow, including remaining inside of their vehicles, communicating with CB radio on channel 15, not blocking any emergency vehicles, and limiting consumption of liquids to avoid restroom breaks.

“Not everyone will get to downtown Lansing,” a coalition representative said on Facebook. “If you get stuck on the highway in a traffic jam heading into Lansing, do not turn around. You are part of the gridlock … be loud, lights on, make signs, [and] honk.”

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