The last U.S. election was arguably a watershed moment in national history due to widespread unconstitutional electoral procedures and a joint effort from corporations and government to “fortify” Joe Biden’s presidency.

Sovereign Man founder Simon Black accused social media companies of masterminding an un-American censorship campaign, which aims to silence public opinion about the state of democracy.

“We have watched with exasperation as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. have systematically squashed intellectual dissent,” he said on the Sovereign Man website. “Their actions have been so commonplace that there is even a name for it: ‘de-platforming.'”

Black described the strategy as “biased, totally arbitrary, and often comically ridiculous.”

“This is not just about the election or the Capitol,” he said. “If you dare utter a word on social media that goes against the infinite and infallible wisdom of the Chinese-controlled World Health Organization, then you might find yourself banned.”

He revealed Facebook censored more than 22 million posts in the second quarter of 2020 for “hate speech,” even though the internet company has no authority to define or prohibit it.

“[The hash tag] #killallmen, for example, is not considered hate speech and, even by the company’s own admission, hate speech against men–or white people–is a low priority,” he said.

Twitter openly promotes a free, open, and inclusive internet as an “essential human right in modern society.” However, Black believes the tech giant’s censoring of conservative voices is hypocritical, especially during the U.S. election.

The Center for American Liberty (CAL) recently launched a new lawsuit to hold government officials accountable for colluding with private firms in ways that might violate the First Amendment.

CAL is suing former Democratic California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, his agents, and Twitter for allegedly trying to muzzle dissent before the last presidential election.

“We at Liberty Center just filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against former CA Secretary of State turned U.S. Sen. Alex Padilla, Twitter, and more for the government’s role in Twitter banning attorney Rogan O’Handley,” CAL founder Harmeet Dhillon said on Twitter.

The lawsuit focuses on the California state Legislature’s 2018 decision to establish an Office of Elections Cybersecurity to “educate voters” with “valid information” on election laws and procedures.

The office allegedly directed Twitter to remove content posted by conservative social media influencers who criticized Biden and questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

“Their objective was simple—censor their political opponents,” CAL said in a statement.

The tech giant also permanently suspended political commentator Rogan O’Handley’s account simply for posting the words, “Most votes in American history.”

“This tweet proved too much for the snowflakes at Twitter who, in turn, permanently suspended his account for supposedly violating ‘rules about election integrity,'” the center said.

CAL believes this permanent suspension directly violates the First Amendment right to free speech.

“Government cannot censor speech on the basis of viewpoint but that is exactly what happened here,” the center said.

“This office quickly devolved into a political weapon for censorship by the far-left secretary of state’s office, more resembling a Harry Potter-like ‘Ministry of Approved Election Information’ than a constitutionally governed state agency,” it added.

CAL hopes the lawsuit will help defend free speech for all Americans.

“Political speech—the right to express ideas and engage in the political process—is core to the First Amendment, it is sacrosanct,” the center said. “If we are ever going to have free and fair elections again, we have to stop big tech collusion with big government to censor your speech.”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey previously told U.S. Congress in November 2020 the social media company deleted nearly 300,000 posts about the election between October 27 and Nov. 11. According to Fox News, the platform also tagged or deleted more than 50 posts from previous President Donald Trump.

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