In a new week of hearings against President Donald Trump on Capitol Hill, details were released about the testimony of U.S. Embassy political adviser in Ukraine, David Holmes, who could not specifically explain the content of a conversation where President Donald Trump allegedly confirmed that he had asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to open an investigation against the Bidens.

In front of the House Intelligence Committee, Holmes reportedly indicated that on July 26 he heard a conversation between the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Gordon Sondland, and President Trump by telephone, one day after the famous call between Donald Trump and Zelenskiy occurred.

According to Breitbart, in a hearing last Friday behind closed doors, Holmes said he had listened when President Trump asked Sondland whether Zelenskiy would conduct the investigation.

The statement is part of the current impeachment of the president, accused of seeking the favor of his Ukrainian counterpart to initiate an investigation against former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter in connection with their business with an energy and gas firm in Ukraine.

Holmes supposedly would have heard Sondland reply to President Trump that Zelensky ‘loves your ass,’ implying that he should take the investigation for granted.

As Breitbart pointed out, the text with the comments prepared by Holmes was leaked, giving the media a supposed reason to point out that President Trump was really concerned about the investigations.

However, at last Monday’s hearing some details were clarified after the transcript of Holmes’s testimony was released, where it was known that he was talking with Sondland at the time the conversation with President Trump occurred.

Holmes’s testimony specified that during the meeting with Sondland, which took place on the terrace of an open-air restaurant, they drank a bottle of wine and discussed issues such as the marketing strategy to be implemented for their hotel business and said that the president’s call to the ambassador’s cellphone came later.

In his testimony released Monday, Holmes spoke of the informal nature of the conversation between the ambassador and the president, explaining to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff why Sondland had used such language when speaking with the president:

“I’m not proud of my language. But the informal tone of the lunch and the language I had heard him using in his call with the President, we were just sort of, you know, two guys over lunch talking about stuff, and it seemed to me that was the kind of language that he used,” Holmes said during the hearing.

Continuing with his testimony, he was able to quote accurately several words he had heard from other people on the subject, but he could not clearly mention what he allegedly heard the president say or what Sondland replied about Zelenskiy, Breitbart News reported.

“Even though I did not take note of these statements, I had a clear recollection that these statements were made,” reads the written testimony offered by Holmes.

The Holmes indicated that he did not take notes of what President Trump and Sondland had talked about the investigations but said he had written to a colleague at the U.S. Embassy in Sweden about another fragment of the conversation that mentioned efforts to free rapper AP Rocky from prison.

He also said he had discussed what he had heard with his boss, chargé d’affaires William Taylor, and that he also shared the information with six other friends.

Among Holmes’s words there was also room for some criticism of the way the president was conducting policies with Ukraine, but at the same time he acknowledged that the Trump administration provided the military aid the country had requested.

Holmes is expected to testify publicly next Thursday.

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