Democratic party leaders are beginning to hit the panic button, as support for Bernie Sanders(I-Vt.) begins to climb among voters.

Associate editor and columnist at RealClearPolitics, A.B. Stoddard, said the “establishment is in full-fledged official panic,” and leaders “at the highest levels” are seeking ways to prevent socialist Sanders from becoming the top nomination for the Democratic Party.

Speaking on “Liberty File with Judge Andrew Napolitano,” Stoddard said, “They’ve found themselves now with a strong movement leader who’s amassing a lot of support and is marching toward the nomination,” she continued. “It’s clear that they’re making plans to stop him, but it’s going to cause chaos and much more division than the party is suffering from now.”

“Do these plans involve senior people like former President Bill Clinton, former President Barack Obama?” asked the judge. “All the conversations are happening at the highest levels,” said Stoddard, reports Fox News.

In a report from The New York Times on Thursday, Feb. 27, former president Bill Clinton was in contact with “old friends,” talking about “the party getting wiped out in the general election” if Sanders wins the nomination.

The report also cited “people close” to former President Obama, who is reportedly hesitant to play the role of “kingmaker” and prefers to be a “unifying figure to help heal party divisions once the Democrats settle on a nominee,” reported Fox News.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), was asked on Wednesday if she would be comfortable with Sanders heading the ticket, and although she replied, “Yes,” Stoddard said she is not fooled, “In her position, third from the presidency, speaker of the House, leader of the party, she has to say that.”

“She must be terrified of becoming the minority leader in the House,” observed the judge. “Remember, [Pelosi] retook the majority and became speaker again after the 2018 midterms because so many voters turned away from President Trump,” Stoddard explained.

“In suburban districts, white, college-educated women swept the Democrats back into power. They won’t vote for a socialist. They won’t vote to have their private insurance taken away, and they won’t support Bernie Sanders. And all of the seats would be gone.

“This idea that the Democrats embrace Bernie is a fiction,” concluded Stoddard. “They have to say it in public … but they’re going to do a two-step right now when they’re asked about this, despite their efforts behind closed doors to make a plan to slow his momentum.”

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